About Music, Art and Two Kings of the Road.

Cars have become more than a means to get from point A to Point B. To some they are hobbies, others use them for entertainment and other people can go as far as saying that cars are part of their culture. This has been expressed time and time again through music. There’s a song I once heard as a kid and it went something like:’Oh Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz’

That’s as much as I can remember about that song. I can tell you though about two cars that have made an impact on the lives of South Africans so much that there are songs were made and those songs were huge hits!

It’s no surprise that the 325is is one of those cars. It’s one car that is appreciated by people of different races; be it Indians, Coloured, white or black south Africans. The car had and still has that appeal and sound that no one can ignore. In the townships we call this sound the Vuur-tututu! That’s exactly What it sounds like when you’ floor’ the accelerator! Being in a 325is is also a different experience all together. This is what drove people like Pro-Kid to write songs like ‘Wozobona’ and who could forget Cassper Nyovest’s Gusheshe. He talks about being invincible while riding in his gushesh.

The second car is also of German origin,With a very good history in the south african market, also loved by all different races and it’s a brand that caters for people of ages, no wonder it’s called the people’s car! Yes it can only be Volkswagen. The one of many cars from its fleet that stole the hearts of many young South Africans is the VR6 well known on the streets as the Voora/ Vuura. It got this name from it’s masculine and ever so desirable exhaust note. This also earned it the honour of being named after Dj Citi Lyts’s hit song ‘Vura’ The song tells about how the car attracts ‘yellow bones’ basically the best of what the opposite has to offer. The video is a must see

The VR6 came as MK3 in availabe as a Golf 3 hatcback or the Jetta 3 sedan. It’s pretty sad that VR6 engine didn’t make a comeback to South Africa as the Golf or Jetta. As for the ‘Gusheshe’ BMW to date has not matched the iconic 325 is, it’s a car in its own league. This could be a good thing however,This way we are be able to admire both these cars as the masterpieces that they are. Artists have their timeless paintings like the Mona Lisa and Whistle’s Mother. Musicians made hits like Gusheshe and Vura to name but a few.

These famous paintings are hung in the worlds most famous and prestigious galleries. Hit songs from the above mentioned are easily found on I-tunes. The question then is where can we find these two kings? The Voora and Gushesh can be found in the streets where they belong, here they earned respect from motorists all over the world, when you see these kings, take a bow.

Specs for the Petrol Heads:

BMW 325is

Engine: 2.7L (Evo II)

Power: 155 kw

Torque: 265 nm@5920

Top Speed: 226


Golf/ Jetta MK3

Engine: 2.8 L

Power: 128kw

Torque: 235 Nm@4200 rpm

Top Speed: 222 Km/h

DOB: 1995






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